Masterclasses in Evert’s Private Studio

Weekend Master classes are held in the studio throughout the year. Limited to only 6 participants to allow for personal instruction, the classes are tailored to encourage development of representational tonal painting with a costumed/semi life model.

Take advantage of a true atelier atmosphere

   PORTRAIT WORKSHOPS for 2015 to be announced


Day 1 -
 Evert will begin with a 3 hour demonstration and a open discussion on his approach and mixing palette,
the second half of the day will have participants map in their portrait with various tonal studies


Day 2 -
Full Alla Prima approach to painting the life model using broad expression and freedom



Cost : $350 for two days inclusive model & gst


Book NOW via email or call studio to secure placement. Material list supplied


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COMING SOON – The Creative School


From ‘Time to time’ workshops and lectures are conducted through invitational requests. Should you wish Evert to demonstrate and / or experience his tutorial skills with your group, please contact the studio. Below are a selection of destinations Evert has travelled. 

Drawing Essentials

Thursday 17th January  2013  

Exploring the visual in B/W

Drawing underpins the creative process; a liberation of idea’s and thought is crucial in many fields of the Arts. Learning to see is an essential part of learning to draw…Drawing is seeing made visible.

A unique opportunity has presented itself  for a special ‘Student‘ drawing workshop. This full day program is tailored to enthusiastic intermediate High School students with an aptitude for the visual arts.

To learn to see not like a camera – that devise which permeates our technological culture – we generally accept  photographic images as our shared reality, when learning to draw we struggle with what is the limited ways of describing our reality. Through drawing, through ‘quiet time’ we can slow things down and perceive not that picture perfect reality but replace it with a natural human response – the unique, hand-made sensory quality that can be delivered beautifully through drawing and the imagination.

Beginning with a short power point introduction, Evert will then encourage participants to seek and explore the field of drawing and mark making with a number of rotating still life ‘stations’. There will be plenty of different exercises showing alternatives to holding and applying media and how specific marks can breathe life and energy into the work.

In the same way as we acquire say language skills we can improve our drawing skills by increasing our understanding of marks, materials and approaches. Those intrinsic methods of looking, feeling, discovering and responding will be examined in this one-day workshop to be held in conjunction with fellow artist Midori Furze from Laneway Art Depot on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Contact: Midori  Furze:  0431 895 757  or the studio directly via email

Fee $132 inclusive gst.


Cobargo School of Arts, Australia 2012

5th to 7th October 2012


The south coast community of Cobargo has received a Regional Arts of NSW funding grant to invite Evert to conduct an intensive 3 day painting workshop in October 2012.

The program will see Evert demonstrate and tutor, not just focusing on the portrait but the whole figurative form. Exploring the semi-costumed model with a variety of mediums and applications, the aim is to enjoy and learn but also to look for the larger shapes and keep the work bold and dynamic, to be creative, trying new approaches and techniques.

Some other events planned around this time include the local writers ‘Well Thumbed Books’ launching their art exhibition.

For further info and costs : Contact Justine Wardle on 02 649 38234.

Preference will be given to students in the immediate area with others to be placed on a wait list.

2010 Manly Arts Festival – 3 x portrait dry media workshop

3rd – 19th September

Explore the ‘Character of the Portrait’ in the ambience of Manly Regional Gallery & Museum, which is celebrating it’s 80th anniversary. The Manly Arts Festival began in 1994 and has emerged as one of the States leading community-based arts festivals with a wide range of prominent artists, film-makers, writers and performers on offer.

Evert will be conducting 3 afternoon workshops from 1 – 4pm in association with the Arts Festival and Council. All skill levels welcome and will be using dry media alone (charcoal, graphite, conte on various papers)

Monday 6th September – Portrait form & tone
Monday 13th September – Portrait in nude
Monday 20th September – Self Portrait in reflection.

For further information and bookings - contact the studio directly

Portrait Workshop in Tropical Far North Queensland

27th – 28th March and 15th -16th May 2010

The historic Cominos House in Cairns is the delightful setting for two weekend workshops organized by local artist Elizabeth Barden.

To fight the tyranny of distance that faces regional artists, Elizabeth is presenting opportunities for master classes, tutored by some of Australia’s leading artists. These classes represent unique opportunities to experience tuition and mentoring usually unobtainable locally.

Evert is the first artist on the schedule and having had an amazing media interest leading up to the first class, generated a second weekend.


Canberra Art Society – Summer Experience

Week Workshop 11th – 15th January 2010

photo courtesy: Carolyn Brooks

This week long workshop saw Evert and 24 other tutors come together to share their expertise in their chosen fields. Evert’s portrait masterclass had 13 students and 6 different models over the week: the participants were encouraged initially with dry media studies, which were then used for their ‘Premier Coup’ oil sketch utilizing a limited palette. Another two days saw a longer development time on the different portraits with the last day having a full nude figure. Many thanks to Ann Hand for inviting Evert and with a healthy response from this class, has been asked to return in 2011.




Kiama Art Society – 3Day Workshop

24th – 26th July 2009

The Kiama Art Society very kindly put on a three-day workshop in their historic ‘Coach House’. The site originally formed part of the Thomas Chapman Hartwell Estate in 1855. The stables with groom’s quarters above are now the Coach House.

Whilst the floor area is small the enthusiasm for the workshop was large.

CLICK HERE to read an account of one of the participants.



Royal Art Society – 2 x 1Day Workshops

Sunday November 9th & December 14th 2008

Eagar anticipation was in the air when thirteen participants arrived at RAS on 9th November to paint a portrait under the guidance of Evert Ploeg. Evert, a quiet self-effacing man, consulted with those present about a suitable approach and expressed the wish to not ‘cut across anyone’s personal approach and technique’.After consulting with the model as to her garb and pose to be maintained throughout the day, Evert began demonstrating on a light, cool-toned panel, using Light Red, Yellow Ochre, Ivory Black and White. From these four basic colours, with palette knife and No1 Medium, he mixed a pile of warm-to-cool/light-to-dark tones. After his intense scrutiny of the subject, it was fascinating to see his expertise as he put on to the canvas, with a series of broad straight strokes and neutral colour, what was before his eye. Negative spaces were pleasing and a likeness became obvious almost immediately. With the same limited palette he explored shapes, together with tonal relationships and refined the initial impression, paying particular attention to the shape of the models nose and head. Always with a rag in his hand, he had no hesitation in rubbing out areas of paint to make adjustments. This method provided the skin tones with a beautiful transparency, a quality he always seeks to achieve.

After Evert had demonstrated for thirty-five minutes, we all confronted our canvases and tried to emulate his progress so far. He advised each student individually, yet frequently returned to his own canvas to continue working with the limited palette. Guided by Evert’s advice, each of us finally pushed our work beyond that limited palette to utilise some of the paints from the list he had provided. His use of Ivory Black, even in the flesh, was handled with such subtlety that shin colours remained fresh and clean. This proved a challenge for those participants who had not previously used black when painting flesh.

Evert was a generous and sensitive tutor, guiding students gently toward a more successful end result. Thank you Evert, for an inspiring workshop and thank you too, Grace Costanzo for instigating the entire event.

Yve Close

photos courtesy: Grace Costanzo

photos courtesy: Grace Costanzo









Yve Close is a artist and writer, a long painting partnership with artist Joshua Smith for 20 yrs ultimately lead to her writing a book on his career.

Guest lecturer – Presentation & Discussion

RAS – June 29th 2008

Evert used a power point presentation to discuss his work and thoughts on portraiture and his 10 years of Archibald Prize entries.





North Sydney Community Centre – 2008

Portrait workshop in oils

6.30-9pm Wednesday 8wks
Term 1 May 7th to June 25th
Term 2 July 30th to September 17th

Two models will pose simultaneously for the classes. Learn to represent form through colour and tonal values. Suited to students with some experience.For full information contact Lucy Butler @ North Sydney community centre.

Photo Courtesy: Kim Sotheran